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SoBloks is about empowering the inspired, be it through content creation or curation. The cream, based on popular vote, will rise to the top for new exposure while the rest vanish, leaving only the best content to remain forever.

SoBloks Governance is where we make the platform for all of us.

How It Works

If you look at social media and crypto, there is one glaring, massive difference between the two: centralization.

While crypto has been the pioneer in offering decentralized value over the internet, social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have done that polar opposite. They not only sold user data (unbeknownst to most users) to the highest bidder, they have censored and taken away some of the most important voices of the day, at a time when we need them the most. Say what you will about the man himself, but they even deplatformed the President of the United States.

On one hand, the world seems to be careening out of control while the legacy and social media companies have embraced their role as the champion of all this. On the other hand however, crypto and decentralized blockchain technology have been seen not only as the next internet technology paradigm, but have also been embraced by those that want to take back financial control from the corrupt banking industry.

With SoBloks we have a unique opportunity to take the best of both worlds. We've embraced the sharing and information exchange pioneered by early social media and have begun to weave it into the decentralized global ledger that is not at the whim of a few companies or governments. With this approach we can become more censorship resistant and more open and transparent with data and processes.

We realized when we were building SoBloks that we needed to open it up. The first phase of this is with our governance plan. We envision governance eventually leading the way on why and how we build the platform. In the beginning, the SoBloks team will lead with a lot of the design and feature ideation. As we build over time however, and as the community grows, those that use the site day to day (not those that sit in an office and dream up better ways to sell ads) will be the ones that drive the direction.

None of this will be immediate. We are still working through beta level code and features. But we are starting, now, on the first steps. To do this, we are releasing an NFT series that the app will recognize and unlock voting rights for upcoming proposals. We have decided on 500 NFTs to represent all SoBloks governance going forward. Imagine for a minute if there were 500 regular people, spread out all over the world, that could highly influence how Twitter operated...

In addition to helping steer the direction of the platform, SoBloks Governance NFT holders will also gain access to special site features. These at the moment are tbd, but we will be providing updates as these are determined, and we are actively looking for the parts of the platform where this makes most sense.

Our platform of choice for launch is the Cardano blockchain. With Cardano's steady, predictable, and secure progress (no surprises - and that's a good thing!), we knew it would be an ideal platform to build on. While other chains have been hacked, rolled back, and broken a lot of things, we appreciate Cardano's steady pace of vetted, scientific progress. This allows us to have the confidence to focus more on building features versus worrying about unknown security issues or platform crashes.

Our Development Roadmap

Q4 2022
NFT sales and launch

Limited run of 500 NFTs will be offered for sale. The proceedes will help continue to fund development through the rest of 2022. Exclusive access to SoBloks Governance NFT holders will begin to show up in the app.

Q1-Q2 2023
The beginning of the proposal platform

As we continue to work on SoBloks main features, we will also be building out the governance.sobloks.com proposal site. This is where official proposals will be added once they have made their way through the Governance Group(s) on the main SoBloks site. We should also know this quarter the status of the SoBloks Catalyst funding proposal.

We will also be releasing the entire process of how we expect votes to be fully verifiable on chain.

Q3-Q4 2023
The first governance vote

Q3 should see our first governance vote. We will be using the governance process to schedule actual features, changes, and additions to the SoBloks platform. With these features, we will be making our change process more transparent and open to the public along with the associated transaction timestamps of what proposal was completed with the code release. This will allow us an easy way to see the direction of the governance voting with release dates.

What's next?

As we wind through 2023, we will be refining the entire governance process and identifying areas of improvement as well as expanding on new features for the governance system itself. We will, of course, continue to chart these events as they become known and will also be watching Cardano's governance direction to make sure that we continue to build a model that works well with the Cardano ecosystem.

We expect SoBloks Governance to be mature at this point and something that might inspire other projects.

SoBloks Governance NFTs

Governance NFT Minting Is Closed!

Each minted NFT contains a 2% royalty. If re-sold, SoBloks will receive 2% of the sale price (from participating market places).

The policy id is: be4875bff155c2ac077239b36de0de8d6f0db4b58d0638b451c7511e
The policy minting close date is 3/31/2023.

The policy has closed, no more tokens are available. Thanks to all who purchased one!

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Everything has been updated and all recipients have be sent new tokens.
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